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Shoes to Shine

Find a range of complete lesson plans in PPT and PDF-format for your business English language classes. Help your students improve their writing, communication skills and vocabulary for Business purposes with these courses. 


Explore the World

Intercultural competence has become a required skill of anyone wishing to work internationally. Inspire and enable your students to succeed in doing so through these practical cross cultural training and skill building classes.

In the Classroom

Shaping Thought

Planning lessons is hard - here are free ready-to-use ESL lesson plans  and worksheets for your teenage English language classes. Many lesson plans focus on contemporary topics.  Use in your next class or as inspiration for your next lesson!

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World Peace

Avoid Faux pas

Short role-plays for business English students to demonstrate and discuss cultural differences when distinct principles and values clash.

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Planning Travels


Are you interested in teaching abroad? Do you wish to advertise teaching positions? Contact me to post a free ad for teaching positions abroad!

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Truck Bed Guitar Session

Travel the World

A collection of experiences and stories as well as faux pas to watch out for when living, travelling and working abroad.

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