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About Cross-Culture Cafe

Cross-Culture Cafe is full of lesson plans for Cross-Culture and Business English teachers training EFL/ESL students. All materials are written, edited and tested by myself personally using information and news articles that are available for everyone on the web. I have compiled everything in such a way that trainers and teachers who work in the field of cross-cultural and business English education find a time-efficient way to prepare for their lessons in these areas.


Cross-Culture Cafe lessons are for beginners to more advanced EFL/ESL Business English learners and speakers of the English language. Lessons include vocabulary, audio, reading comprehension, videos, discussion questions, role-plays and homework, thus providing a richer learning experience and relating to real-life situations.


What’s unique about my resources?


All materials can be downloaded as PPTs or in PDF format and come with clear step-by-step teaching notes and are standalone – you will not need to prepare extra materials in order to complete the lesson. However, you can edit the PPTs on your computer to adjust to your needs. All on one site!


Happy Training!

A Little Bit About Me

I'm a teacher by profession and have been in the teaching and training industry for over a decade already. 


I have been travelling all my life and was raised in the UK and Germany. I started out teaching in both these countries, but decided to leave my "comfort zone" and work in and travel to Turkey and India for several months. Upon returning back to the 'West', reverse-culture shock kicked in and I left for Asia once again - supposedly just for six months... Loving the life of teaching and training in China and Taiwan and living the dream of travelling all over Asia, I'm still "out here" seven years later and currently based in the Philippines with my Filipino husband and two handsome boys "made in China"! We speak three languages in the house and sometimes a fourth (Chinese) if my hubby and I don't want others to understand us! Our everyday life is cross-cultural and  a communication criss-cross in every way!


I now work from home as a trainer and develop training materials for corporate training companies based in Asia. The materials I develop range from Business English, Soft Skill to Cross-Cultural Training all catered to ESL/EFL learners.

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