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Welcome to Cross-Culture Cafe, a comprehensive online platform designed for Business English teachers and Cross-Cultural Trainers. Our website offers a wealth of resources for EFL/ESL adult students, along with an international job board featuring teaching positions across the globe.

Our lessons have been meticulously crafted, tested, and refined for optimal effectiveness with business English students in groups or one-on-one settings. These lessons are tailored to ESL trainers and teachers specializing in cross-cultural and business English education, seeking a time-efficient way to prepare for lessons.

At Cross-Culture Cafe, we offer Business English lessons for beginners to more advanced EFL/ESL learners, as well as cross-cultural lessons that require a good understanding of the English language. Our resources include vocabulary, audio, reading comprehension, videos, discussion questions, role-plays, and homework, all of which create a richer learning experience that relates to real-life situations.

What sets us apart is that all our materials can be downloaded as PPTs and come with clear step-by-step exercises, handouts, and are standalone. This means you will not need to prepare extra materials to complete the lesson. You can also easily edit the PPTs on your computer to customize them to your needs. All of this is available on one site, making your training experience seamless and enjoyable.

Thank you for choosing Cross-Culture Cafe. We look forward to supporting you in your professional development and helping you deliver top-quality lessons to your students.

What is Cross-Culture Cafe?

Who´s behind it?

Combined with over four decades of experience in the teaching and training industry, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Having worked in several countries, including India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, the UK, and Germany, we have a deep understanding of the nuances of cross-cultural communication and business practices.

As former corporate trainers in China, we were asked to develop training materials for corporate training companies throughout Asia. These materials cover a broad range of topics, including Business English, Soft Skills, and Cross-Cultural Training.

Our cross-cultural experience extends beyond our professional lives. We live in cross-cultural families and speak several languages with our children at home. This daily immersion in diverse cultures has given us a unique perspective on cross-cultural communication and has shaped our teaching philosophy.

We are excited to bring our expertise and experience to help individuals and organizations succeed in cross-cultural interactions. Let's work together to achieve your professional goals and build stronger, more effective teams.

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