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French Business Etiquette


The French have a reputation for good cuisine, being chic and elegantly dressed up at all times, but also for displaying a certain kind of arrogance if you can't speak their language as they refuse to speak English. Many laugh at these stereotypes, but you will find every country around the globe has them. So, if you are on your way to France and want to really know more about the people and the culture, this cross-cultural Business English lesson for ESL professionals might be what you're looking for.

This cross-cultural training lesson will prepare the ESL/EFL student with basic cultural know-how, business etiquette and give real-life scnearios on how to deal with possible conflicts or problems that may arise.

South Korean Business Etiquette


South Korea might not always be the number one destination for many people when travelling to or around Asia, but do not think that this country does not have a lot to offer. On the contrary, South Korea is culture rich in traditions and culture and is a country where you can experience beautiful beaches, skiing, snowboarding and latest trends in Asia.

But as with any unfamiliar country, there are some thing to keep in mind when travelling to South Korea - whether it is for leisure or for business.

This cross-cultural and business English training will prepare ESL/EFL students for the basics of greetings, etiquette, communication, business meetings and other cultural necessities. 

Brazilian Business Etiquette

Brazil prides itself on its beaches, carnival and passion for football. But do you think that this is all this beautiful country has to offer? Of course not! Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, the largest country in South America and the seventh largest economy in the world. Not only that, but it is a country rich in traditions, culture and its own unique etiquette.

Come on a journey and learn about Brazil’s cultural and business etiquette. This Cross-Cultural and Business English lesson for ESL/EFL will prepare you with the basics of Brazilian business culture and etiquette. You will learn how to behave and what to expect when meeting Brazilian business partners for the first time, understand their perception of time, the importance of attire, communication and relationships.

Russian Business Etiquette


Did you know that Russia is bigger than Pluto? That 77% of Russia is made up of Siberia? That Japan and Russia still haven’t signed a peace treaty to end World War 2 due to the Kuril Islands dispute? Did you know that beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage until 2013? Or that the traditional drink vodka, comes from the Russian word “voda” which means water?

There is so much to learn about this wonderful country that is so rich in culture and traditions that many may not know about – especially if traveling for the first time. So this might be just the right lesson for you! A cross-cultural and business English training lesson for ESL/EFL that focuses on the country’s general culture and business etiquette and will help prepare you for your first greetings and meetings.

Japanese Business Etiquette


"You know you are in Japan when your toilet has 16 buttons and your bathroom talks to you!" These are common phrases you hear from people traveling to Japan for the first time. Phrases like these also describe Japan's uniqueness and modernity. But this country has a very rich culture filled with traditions and etiquette that you, as a visitor, should be aware of. 

Do you know how to bow properly? Do you know how to exchange business cards without offending someone? Or are you aware of the protocol that needs to be followed in a business meeting or when dining out?

Questions like these and others will be looked at and discussed in this cross-cultural and Business English training lesson for ESL/EFL on Japanese Business Etiquette. A lesson to help you prepare for your travels to Japan or for meeting Japanese clients in your country.


German Business Etiquette


Travelling to Germany? Whether it's for business or for leisure, it's always important to know a bit about a country you're travelling to before mishaps happen and you don't understand what's going on. Check out this cross-cultural and Business English training lesson for ESL/EFL on German Business Etiquette and get your students ready for the country of sausages, bread and beer! A simple lesson on general etiquette rules for business and leisure.

British Business Etiquette


Do British people really always talk about the weather, stand in queues and drink tea all day? Is that what I'm also expected to do if I travel to the UK for business or leisure? I know Western people are direct, but does that mean I can ask them about their salary and personal life? Not sure? Check out this cross-cultural and Business English lesson for ESL/EFL and learn more about the fine nuances of British culture!

US Business Etiquette


"Americans are so friendly!" That's the usual stereotype of US Americans when travelling around the world. But what about the other stereotypes we've all heard? Should we believe these and assume we are well prepared for our first business trip to the States? Well, maybe let's freshen up our knowledge about stereotypes and learn in this cross-cultural and business English training what to really expect when doing business with US Americans.

Italian Business Etiquette


The land of pasta, wine, romance, opera and everything that delights the soul! There is so much to explore in this country and its culture alike. You will find vast differences between the North and South - not just in culture, but in communication, dress and how people conduct business. But did you also know that Italians are masters of non-verbal communication? Yes, that's right! They could probably enjoy entire conversations by just using body language! No kidding - Italians use an average of 250 body language signs each day. Now, that could indeed be a culture shock for those people who do not use body language at all. Come and scratch upon the surface of this beautiful country and their everyday culture and business etiquette in this cross-cultural and business English training session!

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