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Business Idioms: Speak like a Native

Objective: To learn and use common business idioms in conversations

Level: Intermediate to advanced


Duration: 45 minutes

1. Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Greet the students and introduce the topic of the lesson

  • Explain what idioms are and how they are used in business settings

  • Provide an overview of the lesson

2. Activity 1 - Matching Idioms and Definitions (10 minutes):

  • Distribute the handout with common business idioms and their meanings

  • Ask the students to match the idioms with their definitions

  • Go over the answers as a class and explain any idioms that the students may not understand

3. Activity 2 - Using Idioms in Context (20 minutes):

  • Provide a list of situations where the idioms can be used, such as in a meeting, negotiation, or presentation

    • Examples:​

    • Giving a presentation

    • Negotiating a contract

    • Discussing a project with colleagues

    • Making small talk with clients or colleagues

    • Writing a business email or memo

    • Conducting a job interview

    • Pitching a new product or service

    • Dealing with a difficult customer

    • Resolving a conflict with a coworker

    • Networking at a business event.

  • Ask the students to work in pairs or small groups to create a dialogue using at least three of the idioms

  • Have each group present their dialogue to the class and provide feedback on the appropriate use of the idioms

4. Activity 3 - Idioms Quiz (10 minutes):

  • Give a quiz with sentences using the idioms from the handout

  • Ask the students to choose the correct meaning of the idiom in each sentence

5. Conclusion (5 minutes):

  • Summarize the lesson and highlight the importance of using idioms in business conversations

  • Encourage the students to continue practicing using idioms in their everyday conversations

Note: It's important to remind the students that idioms should be used appropriately and sparingly in business settings. Overusing idioms can come across as unprofessional and confusing to non-native speakers.

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