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What is the required English proficiency level for these lessons?

Our cross-cultural lessons are designed for students with advanced and more advanced English skills, who are seeking to enhance their ability to communicate effectively across cultures. On the other hand, our business English lessons are well-suited for those with intermediate English skills, who wish to improve their language proficiency in the context of business settings. Whatever your level of proficiency, we have lessons that can help you develop your English skills and succeed in today's globalized world.

Who are these lessons designed for?

They are ideal for trainers looking for cross-cultural or Business English training lessons for ESL/EFL adult learners. But of course, anyone who is interested in learning more about these topics can use them!

How can I use these lessons?

You will find a PPT version of the lessons which you may download. You can easily edit the PPT and adjust it according to what you need or would like to put in your lessons. You can also use them as they are as they include teacher's notes, handouts and homework for the students! It's up to you really! But I can assure, they are tried and tested (on Asian students), and work well!

How long is each lesson?

The lessons easily suffice for 60-90 minutes depending on the number and proficiency level of students, topic and if you were to use all exercises. The cross-cultural lessons will take up slightly more time (up to 2 hours, 3 hours if working in groups) due to role-plays and comparisons with the student's own culture. 

How Can I Get The Latest Training Materials?

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Can I Edit the PPTs?

Yes, you can edit all of the PPTs. If you find the lesson does not suffice, it's too much or you simply want to focus on certain points, go ahead and edit! 

I find some of the stereotypes offensive!

That's why they are stereotypes! The typical stereotypes you will find here are those that many people around the world associate with a certain country and are NOT ones I have made up. Yes, some lessons will emphasize these stereotypes but only to make cultural differences clear and that you do have to BE AWARE and MORE SENSITIVE when dealing with other cultures. The stereotypes are not meant to judge a culture or assign more positive or negative attributes to one culture over the other. 

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