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Assertive and Tactful Communication

Assertive and Tactful Communication

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What is the difference between being assertive, passive and aggressive? Which of these is best applied in the workplace? If we encounter problems with colleagues, what is the best way to go about it?

This Business English lesson will look at the main differences between these three communication styles and help find ways to express our concerns in a polite, but assertive manner. Furthermore, the business English student will understand how Eastern and Western cultures differ in how they communicate and learn to spot cultural misunderstandings.. Basic principals of email etiquette will be looked into..

  • Please note that our Business English and Cross Cultural Communication lessons have been updated with the Microsoft Office Version 16.72, with Microsoft 365 Subscription. While we have taken great care to ensure that our lessons are compatible with most computers and software versions, some adjustments may be required if you have a different or older version of Microsoft Office. Additionally, please ensure that the media content for your PowerPoint is enabled on your computer, as this is necessary for the videos to be played. We cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties or issues that may arise as a result of software or hardware incompatibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer and software are up to date and compatible with our lessons.

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