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How to do Business in Germany

Did you know that there are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany? That there is a barbie doll modelled on Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel? That the famous Oktoberfest in Munich actually starts in September or that if a German says "halb zwei" (lit. "half two"), he/she actually means half past one (1:30) in English?

Are you ready for your travels to Germany? Whether it is for business or for leisure, it is always important to know a bit about the country you are travelling to before mishaps happen and you do not understand what is going on.

Learn the correct etiquette of punctuality, using proper titles, humour, business meetings, communication and more in this short course on German Business Etiquette. Get your students ready for the country of sausages, bread and beer! A simple lesson on general etiquette rules for business and leisure.

This lesson contains 25 slides/pages and can be downloaded in PPT/PDF format. It is good for intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL students and includes vocabulary, audio (text is in the hand-out to be read), video (link is provided), discussion questions, matching exercises, a role-play at the end of the lesson and so much more. Not just that – you will find notes for trainers, hand-outs for the students and a homework suggestion, too! A complete lesson which is standalone but can be edited if you like!

Oh, and it is free! Please find this lesson here.

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Happy Training!

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